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Social Media, Introducing Itself to You

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Above is a video by Socialnomics09 on YouTube. It’s a very revealing set of statistics, trends, and comparisons [to name a few] about social media. Worth a watch.

One of the things they mention is “Social media will now begin to find us” – This was one of the most striking things about the video, IMO. I didn’t doubt it but now we’re beginning to see it. Below is an example of my Facebook homepage finding things for me rather than me seeking information (based on a serious of indicators, such as my current interests, but also demographics, et. al). It’s part of a new era–where will we go next?

3 Benefits of these new stages of Social Media – Ease of use with social media

  • Finding people (remember the Internet is inherently social, more on that here) who are like-minded has never been easier
  • Expanding your own personal interests–if I like the New York Jets, [and I don’t know who Mark Sanchez is (let’s say)], I can look up Mark Sanchez and expand my knowledge of the sports world
  • Increased efficiency in using the Web–less time is wasted running searches and clicking around, for instance.

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June 30, 2010 at 8:11 pm

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