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Applying Social Media: Meeting the Needs of Customers, An Introduction

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Keeping business local is good. More money stays in the community when consuming products by local business owners as opposed to chains. So, in order to obtain this kind of result the SMS turn to a recent read Growing Local Value which states, “growing a successful business is about meeting the needs of customers–and by extension, the needs of an entire community.

Yesterday, we wrote a post entitled Applying Social Media: Promoting Local Value which commented about the Binghamton, NY market.

Social media is much larger than local but its applications in the small business owners market pertaining to Binghamton, NY and Binghamton University can be deep and far reaching. Businesses aren’t as successful as they can be–because they still need to tap the student market more effectively. Hence, social media.

Facebook is an effective method to broadcast your message to the University. One prime example that I can think of is employment. Generally speaking and from the SMS’ observations, businesses that have student employment do better than those that don’t. For instance, the bars and restaurants are popular amongst BU students. Fb can serve as a medium to find people for employment, for instance. It’s capabilities are endless. Soon, we’ll discuss Facebook in great detail.


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June 9, 2010 at 6:24 pm

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