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Applying Social Media: Promoting Local Value

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5 questions to consider when discussing social media:
– Who?
– What?
– Where?
– When?
– Why?

– Social media can potentially be anyone.
– Social media is a business utility.
– Social media is everywhere.
– Social media is instantaneous yet timeless.
– Social media is versatile yet precise.

Consider the notes above when creating local value in business. The Social Media Sharks have recently analyzed the Binghamton, NY small business market. Social media is adaptive and can compliment any market and economic climate, however in this post we will focus on social media and small business owners (local value).

Social media can be used by anyone with an internet connection and a computer—all you need is some time, knowledge of your targeted medium (e.g. Facebook) and a pinch of patience. The Social Media Sharks are glad to help—please send questions to socialmediasharks AT gmail DOT com (

Jump on the social media bandwagon. Social media can be used to promote, expand, create “buzz”, and advertise your business—amongst many other things, such as more effectively and more effortlessly reaching your target market. According to many research studies, generation Y spends over 7 hours a day using social media—it’s embedded in our culture.

Social media does not require a physical location. It can be used anywhere and everywhere with an Internet connection and computer. How can you afford to not be a part of such an excellent tool?

Social media is instantaneous in the sense that with a simple click of a button information can be published and viewed by millions upon millions of Internet users. It is timeless in the sense that it will not perish. Electronically stored data won’t melt, burn, fizzle or fade. You post it and participate and others will see. An example of this is the archives section on a blog.

Also pertaining to the “when” question: Social media is your hardest worker. It never punches in or out; it never takes a lunch break. Instead, it works overtime—at no additional cost. While you’re taking up recreational activities, social media is working for you.

Social media is versatile due to the various mediums accessible to users—even with the most elementary understanding. Social networks are conducted in unique fashions that can be used with one goal in mind: promote your small business. Facebook is different from Twitter. Technorati is different from myspace. Digg is different from Google Buzz. These examples, now, illustrate the precision social media retains. Depending on your task, a specific social media network can be used to accomplish said task.


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