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Technorati: Life of the Web Party, Pt. 2

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Be sure to check out Technorati: Life of the Web Party, Pt. 1, first. Moving forward, the Social Media Sharks have one question: Why is Technorati so successful?

– Effective presentation and marketing of material. Just as Seth Godin writes in The Bootstrapper’s Bible (available free online!), and I paraphrase, you can have the best product but if it does not reach the consumer there is little purpose. Exposure is paramount in succeeding in the digital world.

– Quality branding. Twittorati, their blogosphere and twittersphere site, is associated with and promotes the top blogs and Twitterers. Associating yourself with premier entities raises one’s personal brand. What’s more is the quality service and production that Technorati provides. There’s a reason why millions continue to use Technorati daily.

– Technorati is an innovate news networking tool. If you’re familiar with Dan Gillmor’s We The Media, you might already have an idea as to what this means. The news industry and more generally the production of content is moving toward the edges—people previously unable to “make the news” can now create the news. The established Big Media and money stock is declining in favor of quality information and representation. Technorati realizes this movement and embraces it with confidence.

– If it’s not broke don’t fix it attitude. Incorporating other aggregator and short bit like information networking sites like Twitter is a smart move to say the least. We previously mentioned that Technorati broke onto the scene first as a blog search engine. Their ability to incorporate successful existing social networks is also important to recognize. In doing so, they increase the collaboration and interconnectedness of community on the Web.

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May 3, 2010 at 5:31 pm

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