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A Series: Facebook – Utilizing Internet Social Networks Properly & Effectively, The Solution to Spam

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So how can I avoid being labeled as the spammer?

There are many approaches—here’s one that the Social Media Sharks have found to be dynamite!

1- Familiarize yourself with the status-quo. Due to the varying degrees and possibilities Facebook presents a cornucopia of factors that are not easily calculated in terms of your relationship with the community. This means that there is no formula set in stone, which the SMS believes works in the user’s advantage. Seeing what the community expects, “likes” and frowns upon will give you a starting point to…

2- Develop an identity. The goal is to operate within the status quo, at first, as to not be labeled as a spammer. Remember the framework of an actual, physical business interview. You’ll want to get a feel for your environment, establish rapports with those you are communicating with, represent yourself appropriately, and interact. Note: there is nothing wrong with self-promotion but be wise in your methods—don’t go over the top or do so shamefully.

3- Act. It is that simple. No accomplishment can be had without action.

4- Test the waters. If something does not work, change. Trial and error is a part of learning. Using a controlled system—one variable at a time—enables you to understand what works and what does not.

5- Refine your approach. Refine your approach, again. Repeat. The Internet, by nature, is constantly shifting and evolving. You need to shift and evolve accordingly. Once you feel comfortable within your community and learn the ropes the Internet might even adapt to your action. Do not become unmotivated if it does not happen though, the digital world is an infinitely larger place than our Earth. As Seth Godin states in the Bootstrapper’s Bible, “A smaller piece of a bigger pie is better than a big piece of a smaller pie.”

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April 13, 2010 at 12:41 am

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