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A Series: Facebook – Utilizing Internet Social Networks Properly & Effectively, The Consequence of Spam

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Well what happens if I do not know how to use Internet social networks effectively and properly?

1- The Result – An inefficient allocation of resources. Specifically, time and social media networks are among the most precious materials—operating under and through human capital— to the entrepreneur, currently. Here’s why:

2- One of a few things can then happen: they will de-friend you, their inbox will get cluttered, unruly and messy, or your messages will get deleted automatically without any sort of knowledge they were there to begin with—you might as well not have sent it.

3- Neither of these things brings your reputation under a positive review—instead, it damages your brand. Damaging your brand, credibility, and identity is suicide on the Net.

4- The availability of network communities, like Facebook, in combination with weblogs and other social media outlets can be a deadly combination. You must be knowledgeable; You must walk the walk; You must talk the talk. You wouldn’t go into a business interview completely blind (without research and preparation) so don’t be lazy in your approach to social networking websites. They are great resources that can instantaneously benefit your brand, your business, your love life, [insert desire here].

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April 13, 2010 at 12:35 am

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