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A Series: Facebook – Utilizing Internet Social Networks Properly & Effectively, An Introduction to Spam

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Spam: There’s nothing inviting about this foul four letter word.

I thought spam was something you ate? So what is spam?

Traditionally, spam is defined as the sending of unsolicited (read: unasked for) bulk messages indiscriminately (Wikipedia). Electronic spam delivered through social media and digital networks has many tools in its arsenal to soil your e-mail inbox, disrupt your Net surfing experience, Fauxify your forum finds, and so on.

So, why is this relevant to Facebook?! I thought Facebook was just meant to message, poke, tag and post back and forth with one another?

Facebook is capable of carrying out the functions in the question, but there are deeper mechanisms at work, here. And in order to be able to utilize new social media properly and effectively, one must understand the boundaries and appropriate behaviors of Facebook.

1- Spam has evolved in the minds of the Internet users. Spam is still categorized by the said definition, however, the sociocultural implications of Spam involves a much larger subject matter. The general conception of spam has grown into any content that annoys the user receiving said content. This is where applications to Facebook are introduced.

2- Is your inbox filling up with unwanted messages? Excessive amounts of Mafia Wars invites? Are you guilty of having too many friends on Facebook? Are any of them promoters? Starving artists? Non-profit supporters? Friends part of an organization? All of these sources and identifiers have the potential to be viewed as spammers—people who produce what is conceived as spam. They come in all shapes and sizes. Now, the SMS are not implying that all people are spammers but there is a delicate tight-rope to walk that must be approached with care.

3- People do not want to receive a slew of messages one after another reminding you Bill’s Blowout Bash is this Saturday. Use Internet social networking to your advantage. Don’t make it your Achilles heel.

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April 13, 2010 at 12:30 am

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