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Game, Set, Pt. 3

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How does the Internet dating world affect business?

1- Increased collaboration within and crossing over business communities—such as one social dating network advertising for another network that has a different niche or Amazon holding an advertisement for a Kama Sutra book in the margin of PassionNetwork.

2- The creation of online dating networks has given a push in the movement toward specialization and niching of Internet communities. Within the Passions Network alone, there are hundreds of more specific dating networks—such as New York Passions, College Passions and Intellectual Passions.

3- Movement of free-flowing information about people within the global community. As we opened with in the article Game, Set, Pt. 1, there is an unlimited amount of people that can be reached for pleasure or, if things turn sour, some heartbreak. Moving toward a global market creates a greater potential in your consumer base.

4- Creation of a positive atmosphere. There is a difference between public places and community places. According to many prominent social media socialites, public places are areas in which problems are shared; Communities are places in which a common value and positive nature are reinforced for the better and coming together of a population. Internet dating is wooing its subjects and stealing the hearts of millions.

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April 12, 2010 at 2:23 pm

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