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Game, Set, Pt. 1

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Social media has the ability to connect any one person to another in the entire world, pending an internet connection—regardless of location. I can video chat, converse, instant message, e-mail, post, “like,” poke, and so forth with someone as close in proximity as my roommate to someone in Sydney, Australia or Tel Aviv, Israel.

The SMS recently experienced the world of Online Dating. We weren’t shy either—in the form of a cannonball we made a splash onto the scene.

The online dating community is a highly trafficked form of Internet social networking. According to, holds an Alexa traffic ranking of 419 and boasts a traffic rank of 128 in the United States. There are many comparable sites, too.

The registration process of various dating websites held fairly constant—a couple of questions concerning what you are “seeking,” filing account information and further specialization of your interests. Features also held fairly constant—partner searches, profile and content, and services for instance.

The positive qualities of Internet dating remain fairly obvious—but understanding why they succeed requires some further questioning and knowledge.

During the search for love, the SMS came to some conclusions concerning this society. First we asked:

Is the Internet dating arena a legitimate, placid place or is it a platform for misconduct?

Most generally the SMS marks the Internet “sex life” as ambrosial. The concept is remarkable and building a successful dating web site has become a well-calculated art. The SMS think it remains to be mastered though, to a certain degree, but this also opens up further business opportunity if a niche is not satisfied. Following is a three-point analysis to understand Net-based dating social networks:

1- There are two types of online dating networks—paid subscription and free access. Internet dating web sites that require a fee deter average users from participating but, on the other hand, offers a level of exclusivity. What’s more is it adds a level of credibility and legitimacy to the process as well—if you don’t mind paying for love. An entirely free dating network, such as PassionsNetwork, invites all to join in on the fun—making it seem like The Ladders job commercial portraying a free-for-all tennis match (link directly below).

2- While we understand the skeptic, online dating has gotten a poor image due to the trolls, abusers, hackers [and so forth] that disrupt and plague the Internet. This is a small population in comparison to the vast pool of Internet users that continue to benefit from online dating services. We have learned how to improve this representation by making them more exclusive, adding what the SMS will call “quality-verification” features (e.g. requiring specific information about the user) that prevent easy abuse, and monitoring activity and security.

3- People have an innate quality to share information about each other and connect with like-minded people and conflicting people, at the same time. It is safe to say that everyone belongs to a niche or society or “club.” Internet dating is another base for people to launch these internal desires from and into the view of others.

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April 12, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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