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Don’t Feed The Trolls

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New social media has enabled vast improvements in the way of communication, connectivity [and so on]. New mediums have a natural tendency attract some sort crowd that attempts to disrupt emerging trends. For the Internet, this disruption has materialized in the form of a troll.

So what is a troll?

A troll an Internet user that intentionally upsets the usability and effectiveness of online content by inciting conflict—for example: mocking a discussion topic on a forum.

Conflict that is good-natured is welcomed; the back-and-forth conversation style of the Internet provides new perspectives and new information. This is not a concern of the troll, though.

A troll is much more sophisticated than one at first imagines.

A troll studies the behavior of the human (read: Internet user), according to a Wikimedia article, and exploits their tendencies to upset the community. Note, though, not all people disrupting the Internet are not trolls. Trolls are more concerned with the response they receive from others than the production of quality content, discussion or good-natured use of the Net.

Why would someone troll?

It’s simple: to annoy. The troll gets gratification from the responses. I have never trolled—nor would I ever—but I know someone who has and does. From my observations, it is merely for self-fulfillment—to get a good laugh or be amused, for instance.

What are some common types of trolling?

According to Wikimedia, common types of trolling are:
– Edit Warring
– Uploading Inappropriate Content
– Misuse of Process
– Pestering
– Misplaced Criticism
– Creative Trolling

How can we prevent trolls from trolling?

This answer is also simple, and there is no need to elaborate on it: Don’t response to the troll. In doing so, you’d simply be feeding their appetite. Once you do, they won’t stop.

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April 9, 2010 at 8:07 pm

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