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These days, with the social media craze, it seems like everybody and their brother has a blog, Facebook, and some thing or another having to do with tweets. Many people are left wondering, what is all the fuss about?

Attempting to answer these looming questions is a priority for a Social Media Shark, and today, blogging will be the focus.

First, what the heck is a blog, anyway?

Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve clearly seen one, but blogs have certain characteristics which distinguish them from other websites.

A website is a blog if it has regular entries of various types of content, displayed in reverse-chronological order.

Okay, but why is blogging so cool?

1-Everyone can join the conversation. The only barrier to becoming a blogger, is an internet connection. Blogs are free, so anyone can create one and share their unique personal knowledge.

2-Blogs offer candid, individual perspectives, since they are usually operated by regular people, and not corporations.

3-Blogging is interactive, in multiple ways. Blog posts usually receive comments from readers, which the blogger can then reply to. The possibility of two-way communication means the conversations are only just getting started, once a blog post is published. What’s more, the audience gets to contribute through comments and blogs of their own. Blogging is dynamic, a running conversation.

4-Blog posts are easily accessible. Services like Technorati, index all the blogs on the web, and make it easy to search through millions of blogs for particular information. RSS(Really-Simple-Syndication) is a ‘home-delivery’ service, which can send new blog posts directly to your E-mail inbox, saving you the hassle of jumping from website to website—bringing what’s best(in your opinion) straight to you.

Sounds cool…but why the heck would a business use one?

1-To provide a face for your business. Blogging is a personable thing, because readers can interact with the blogger. Companies can use this two-way communication capability to access millions of customers worldwide, and engage them in a dialogue. Posts are free, and available instantly worldwide.

2-Faster is better. Information in the world of blogs moves much quicker than through other mediums, so a biz can disseminate important news in real-time, and mine the information being produced by consumers about your company’s goods and services.

The bottom line—blogs allow persons and businesses to rapidly exchange information for free.

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April 8, 2010 at 3:04 pm

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