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Social Media & The Apple iPad

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The Apple iPad is taking the social media world by storm—I see it everywhere: it appears on my Twitter feed hourly (this is entirely too revealing), covered in newspapers daily, and reviewed by techy-webloggers and their communities 24/7. The iPad, therefore, requires some attention.

For those recently living under a rock, the iPad has a wide range of capabilities including surfing the web, emailing, viewing photos and videos, using applications and organizational features—largely revolving around being connected.

Three implications the iPad presents for new social media:

1- The iPad, even though it is only the first of its kind by Apple, will revolutionize the consumption and viewing of, let’s say, news. It’s about accessibility. Discovered through Business Weekly’s article What Murdoch Still Doesn’t Get About The Internet, I discovered a quotation by Andrew Savikas, and on his O’Reilly blog writes, “Whether they realize it or not, media companies are in the service business, not the content business.” Apple’s iPad holds great potential inside of this statement—Apple is providing a means to access this service.

2- Apple’s iPad is defining Big Media’s role in new social media (one way at least)—providing a platform to view the news. Dan Gillmor, via Twitter feed, states, “What may bother me most about iPad adulation is that it comes from people who’d be otherwise appalled at idea of others controlling content.” Grassroots methods will still bare a large part, so is projected, in new social media but Big Media will still find a way to participate in the conversation.

3- Big Media and Big Business will [if they are smart] alter their business model to accommodate new social media. In the BW article Kevin Keller states, “Companies that are thriving in the new social media arena act like start-up companies” and references the movement in music consumption to support its claim: from CDs to Pandora. Keller also states, “Old media giants need to start thinking like start-ups.”

As time goes on, we will see what kind of effect and capabilities the iPad will hold for new social media. The developers of the iPad, its ability to meet users’ needs and the ongoing relationship between the iPad and its user will reveal the iPad’s place in our world. The SMS are awaiting the result anxiously. Apple fanboys and naysayers, rest easy–social media will take its course.

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April 7, 2010 at 3:17 pm

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