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Big Media’s Role in New Social Media

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The Growth of Unpaid Internships is the result of sneaky business owners trying to save a buck in a sluggish U.S. economy. While new social media is and will continue to be highly influenced by local (decentralized) and “edge” sources, such as non-traditional webloggers, such a daunting task as nipping bad business practices in the bud highly relies on centralized activity.

Without government agencies and the people that work there, such as Patricia Smith, lead enforcement official of the Federal Labor Department, regulating business misconduct would be much more difficult–maybe even impossible.

This is just one example of the “big” guys doing justice in a world headed toward increased involvement of the “edges.” It goes to show you that Big Media has a role in the conversation. To give some perspective, a similar instance involves the production of media: As Shirky writes, and I paraphrase, the production of costly media enables the production of inexpensive media to arise.

We need Big Media (at least for the meantime) for other markets and conversations to emerge. The only question is, how will Big Media influence, establish and become a part of new social media in the long run?

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April 6, 2010 at 7:33 am

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