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Clay Shirky writes an excellent piece, The Collapse of Complex Business Models, which details personal conversations with industries and companies—like AT&T—about “nascent web-hosting” on the Internet, recollections of Joseph Tainter’s The Collapse of Complex Societies, and, lastly, an analysis of Big Media and its potential considering new technological advancements.

One of the points I found most intriguing was Shirky’s remark, “In the future, at least some of producing video for the web will become complex…as television is today…that’s not how it works however.” Shortly after, Shirky discusses the most watched minute of a video in the last five years was the Charlie bit me YouTube sensation.

As Shirky mentions, this video was not complex by any means in its production. Both sides of the coin must be present for new media to be produced.

So where does this quandary start and where does it end—meaning, when will we fall? Does current Big Media mark our time? The Net? Beyond? Can we possibly overcome the complex nature of our Big Media and social system to beat the odds previous super-powers could not?

There is no doubt that America is in an economic divot, to say the least, but new social media can help in my opinion. While current content production is complex we will find a way to make it work in our society. Whether it is a fee we must pay to be online, deconstruction of the complex system or both sides coming to an agreement.

In the New York Times, Thomas Friedman writes a piece, Start-ups, Not Bailouts. We need to create business, “good jobs don’t come from bailouts.” The Internet is one of those new[er] resources we can use to capitalize.

Dan Gillmor explains in We The Media (which can be accessed for free online, here) the incredible sophistication, development, influence, and potential the Internet has and will continue to embrace.

This started from scratch—so can we. Years ago people only dreamed of a read-write web. Now we have it.

Americans know and feel strongly that–as Apollo 13 has made famous–“failure is not an option.” We must advance. Developing the education system, as Friedman writes, (which is currently taking a beating, so to speak), and using the Net wisely is one way to do so. Let’s get to work.

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April 5, 2010 at 8:35 pm

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