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Social Media & NASA: imagine, invent, and invite

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Neil Tyson delivers a truly chilling, moving and inspiring speech that addresses a pertinent issue in our society, with reference to recent NASA problems and cutbacks, which is a reflection of our entire society as a whole.

Early in the speech, Tyson states:

“I have never seen 8th graders sit up in their chair and say ‘when I grow up I want to be an NSF researcher’… with all due respect to those agencies, they do important scientific work, but they are unknown and invisible at the age where people chose what they want to be when they grow up.”

There are a bountiful amount of notable statements to be recognized [but hopefully you watched it for yourself].

So, how does this apply to social media?

1- New social media and new technology–as Tyson implies in his remarks concerning NASA–is a driving force and enabler of growth, success and stability. Tyson states, “Nobody dreams about tomorrow anymore… we need something to keep the flame fanned.” Adopting new social media is beneficial and will be a part of our “dreams” of tomorrow.

2- I found this video from one of Dan Gillmor’s (thank you for sharing!) Tweets, to which he found on one of a million possible social media outlets (my guess would be Neil Tyson’s Twitter, a news aggregate, or YouTube). Either way, you can see the embeddedness of social media in our lives in this instance. The SMS used a social network to discover this material; Dan Gillmor used a social network to share this information; Neil Tyson used a social network to broadcast his speech to the world (and the chain continues…).

3- As the SMS have stated in previous articles, like The Art of Social Media, it relays information accurately, quickly and on a large scale.

To close, we will turn to the closing remarks of Neil Tyson’s speech, “How much would you pay for the universe?” Social media, as we will come to see, has the power to do this but we need people to take the reigns and lead.

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April 4, 2010 at 7:17 am

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