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Brand Names, Credibility, and Social Networks

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Through Twitter, a prominent social media outlet, I discovered a link connecting to an article entitled Brands Vie for Credibility on Social Networks. In short, it discusses the legitimacy of brand names and the ways in which consumers, specifically Internet users, qualify this legitimacy.

The most credible source for information about a brand, according to, were other consumers (peers) receiving 38 percent of respondents support, while the brand itself received 32 percent of respondents in the survey, journalists at just 7 percent and marketers at 3 percent. This survey was conducted and posted on a marketing website. Does this add legitimacy to their perspective?

As interesting as this conflict is, the two things that really caught my eye were the consumer (peers) and journalist percentages.

Lastly, in the Emarketer survey they discovered 58 percent of respondents worldwide had become a fan of something on a social network, and 79 percent had become a member of a social networking group.

These statistics are supportive of three movements caused by social media:

1- Social networking web sites are a component of social media and are just one example of increased connectivity and communication; furthermore, the power of the Net community is continuing to grow in size, value and power and influence. We have come a long way from Howard Dean’s online fundraiser for his political campaign;

2- Hyper-niching of information and change is occurring at the edges (see: Social Media: Hyper-Niching & Embeddedness, Pt. 1) due to the increased value of consumer opinion and decreased value of the journalist (traditional Big Media);

3- This hyper-niching of information recognizes the value of tribes (being part of something larger than yourself for a cause, movement, idea, et. Al.); in addition, people have this innate quality to express themselves—the Internet is providing the most invasive (not to be taken negatively), effective and expansive way to express oneself.

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April 3, 2010 at 9:38 pm

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