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Social Media: Hyper-Niching & Embededdness, Pt. 2

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Let us continue our discussion revolving around the quotation, “The introduction of new technologies has always ushered in new styles of living and working in America.”

4- The rise in a global market has been/is coming to fruition; this is a large concept and is capable of producing thousands of blog posts. However, for now, here are a few of the key points in the movement toward an increasingly global market. A. increased transparency: geographic barriers are becoming less and less significant and increase communication and efficiency—as mentioned in the instant messaging example in the Art of Social Media post—due to the Internet. B. increased regulation: due to the expansive and far-reaching nature new technologies have given our market, organizations such as the WTO and UN have developed laws to, let’s say for instance, promote equal trade from nation-to-nation on the taxation of goods. This is just one small example of the involvement of governing bodies. C. traditions, customs and cultures are exchanged via the Net and therefore altered in perception and literally—see: center-periphery model.

There is an ongoing conversation (read: market), according to Gillmor, that increases information, productivity, and efficiency. There is also a margin for these new technologies and social media to be used with bad intention; however, it is part of our nature to have “faith” that we are not wholly malicious.

After all, one of the four key components of establishing and sustaining a market economy is the necessity for accurate information which social media is clearly providing. In addition, social media and new technology is creating an increasingly specific, in quality and niching, of consumers and producers—also one of the four components. As stated, it remains an art to be mastered.

Closing with remarks from Seth Godin’s Tribes, “We Need YOU to Lead us.”

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April 2, 2010 at 8:31 pm

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