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Social Media: Hyper-Niching & Embeddedness, Pt. 1

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In The Art of Social Media post we mention “The introduction of new technologies has always ushered in new styles of living and working in America.”

There are many implications to this commentary that require further detailed explanation. Four of the most striking aspects of social media and new technology that come to mind will be discussed in a dual-post:

1- The introduction of new technologies—let’s say, the Internet (which is continually advancing in sophistication and ability)—creates a more decentralized production of information which therefore decentralizes economics and business in society. As Dan Gillmor expresses in We The Media, “The lines will blur between producers and consumers, changing the role of both in ways we’re only beginning to grasp now.” Gillmor is specifically discussing the production of news and who is capable of making the news.

2- The movement toward hyper-niching—growing intensity in the specialization of information—also provides more “power” to the edges (read: Not Big Media). Large industries, journalists, Big Business and Big Media cannot provide the quality and detail of information that the people require which leaves it up to the citizens to develop.

3- The embeddedness of markets, equivalent in nature to the movement toward hyper-niching, is becoming clearer as social media is used more effectively and becomes a more prominent component of our lives.

The fourth aspect of social media will be discussed in the near future, come visit the social media sharks soon.

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April 1, 2010 at 8:15 pm

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  1. […] Hyper-niching of information and change is occurring at the edges (see: Social Media: Hyper-Niching & Embeddedness, Pt. 1) due to the increased value of consumer opinion and decreased value of the journalist (traditional […]

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