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Social Media Sparks Creativity

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A Wired Magazine article here, discusses how social-media enhances creativity, and in turn, productivity, for those who are knowledge workers.

While time spent on Facebook doesn’t seem like work to most managers, occasionally withdrawing from ongoing projects is a key to gaining a fresh perspective on things. For this purpose, social-networks are excellent at triggering the creative juices.

Creativity researchers have a special name for this type of fooling around, which they call incubation. It play’s an integral role in the creative process, the authors of the Creativity and the Mind argue in their seminal text on the matter.

As a math major at Binghamton, I’ve stumbled into many formidable problems which did not seem solvable at first. In frustration, I would occasionally check my favorite blogs about unrelated topics, and often sudden inspiration would hit unexpectedly.

To periodically cease an intensive task and engage in another stimulating endeavor, is to allow the mind to run through parcels of related memory to a problem, which enhances cognitive problem solving ability.

Social-media in all its varieties is not just a pleasant diversion, but a potent problem-solving tool as well.

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March 30, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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