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Several new forms of contact widely used today didn’t exist just a few years ago; when it comes to social media, the learning has just begun. For those engaging the new means of communication head on, the sheer multiplicity of choice can be overwhelming and even frustrating.

An unusual situation exists, where people spend countless hours roaming the internet, utilizing new tools designed for work, without considering how best to use those tools. If your inbox is cluttered to capacity, and you access your E-mail dozens of times a day, you are not alone. Most people are dependent on these tools, and find themselves forlorn when disconnected from them.

This testimonial seems to illustrate an all too common occurrence. A high-achiever struggles to keep up with the diversity and frequency of contacts in their work life, and feels inefficient as a result. As though with greater effort, and being constantly on call, less is accomplished.

The smooth, fluid use of the various social media tools at your disposal requires a strategic allocation of different modes of communication: for instance, use Facebook to invite hordes of people to an event, but E-mail to extend a personal invitation to an important guest. With social media, there is a time and place for each tool.

Reflection upon the successful communications you have had, and the scenarios in which they occurred, is the first step to improving the efficacy of your communication. One key point to consider is, who is getting what percentage of your face-to-face time, or virtual time, and if this ratio is justifiable.

Becoming aware of your media preferences and those with whom you communicate will be a step towards greater effectiveness.

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March 30, 2010 at 1:55 pm

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