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Discretion With Social Media

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The internet is like a wild, turbulent carnival, where you can find pages on anything and everything—for better or worse.

Nowadays, the new game in town is social-media. As more attention and credibility has been granted to social-media tools, such as blogging, potential legal issues have accumulated.

Our fine courts of justice are now, more and more, claiming people are legally liable for any media they place on the internet. This legal development has led to many sticky, unfortunate, and costly situations for purveyors of the new technology.

A handy list with legal tips has been put together, by Entrepreneur Magazine. Below is a summary of their suggestions:

1-Avoid distribution of sensitive information.

2-Inform your employees and co-workers of the risks; establish guidelines.

3-When it’s questionable, don’t put it out there.

4-Consider liability insurance as a protective measure.

5-Follow the guidelines delineated in this FTC Act.

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March 30, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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