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Blogging–Why Bother?

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What motivates people to blog?

I believe there are two main groups of bloggers: those whose content is mostly about themselves and those who touch mostly upon other subjects. There are some hybrids as well.

People who blog about themselves are practicing self-expression and reflection through the medium of writing. They may enjoy personal development from this approach. In effect, this type of blogging is similar to a diary or personal journal with a twist, which is that the public may follow and comment upon their progression.

Additionally, those who blog primarily about their personal experiences may also hope to acquire a following online with regular readers. People enjoy being part of a community, especially one which encourages them to be their most authentic self. Through the medium of blogging, a group of like-minded people who are dispersed geographically can coalesce.

The second group of bloggers, who discourse on some topic beyond themselves, also often hope to find an online community where they may disseminate their knowledge and opinions. Blogging has become a bastion for academics, journalists, critics, and many other professions. Blogging can serve as a career development tool or as a source of income.

Historically, many of the professions conducive to hosting a blog have also had rigid hierarchies. For instance, academia has tenure, peer-review, citations, and school-rankings which in combination determine a professors status. While this hierarchy has merit, it can stifle the voice of an iconoclast—both quacks and geniuses alike. On the blogosphere, a more democratic meritocracy exists where talented unknowns can take center stage swiftly. Blog-readers quickly sort the wheat from the chaff, thanks to the mechanisms developed for doing so on the internet.

Bloggers who take either approach stand to enjoy gains in reputation, influence, and personal development. The creative power of the individual is fully harnessed by blogging, which is what attracts so many ambitious people to pursue this endeavor.

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March 30, 2010 at 1:44 pm

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